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We Take Pictures Seriously  

Too many realtors cut corners on imagery in an age when online advertising and virtual tours are what sell homes quickly and for top dollar. Yes pocket cameras and smart phones take high-mega-pixel images, but these don't offer the superb lighting and depth of focus we achieve with our professional level Nikon full-size D-Series cameras. We then create stunning online Virtual Tours for all homes and are able to offer Aerial Drone photos of special properties. And best of all -- this comes at no cost to you.

For most images we use time-lapse shutter speeds up to six seconds and a mixture of strobe and continuous studio lighting, along with diffused and reflective umbrellas. This gives us incredibly rich detail without harshness or unwanted glare. With individual lighting we can highlight details and downplay less important aspects. We also have advanced skills in photo processing software.

This all sounds very complicated, but with many years of experience it is quite simple for us and it really pays off for you. We also stage each "scene" for maximum visual impact, and we have the right lenses to capture all the details of your home, yard, and other property features. Even if your home is fully furnished, we have items of interest that set the stage.

We have a special rectilinear wide angle lens which allows extreme wide angle photography in tight spaces without the distortion of cheap "fisheye" lenses. We also have 70 - 300mm and 200mm - 500mm telephoto lenses which allows extreme detail shots of special features, especially on classic homes. Our latest Nikon 5100 camera allows remote control from our laptop allowing the camera to get tightly into corners for wider views of bathrooms and other tight spaces. We can also evaluate and edit each shot on the fly, to verify the best Virtual Tour of your home.

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Vintage Camera Collection

You might also enjoy a tour of our collection of historic cameras at the links below. We have an extensive collection of early to mid 20th Century film cameras, mostly Kodaks but we have an assortment of other brands. We also have a nearly complete collection of Nikon cameras from 1949 to present. The odder orphans of photographic history are fun to collect, and occasionally shoot (but not for your virtual tour). We do however, include a few vintage pieces in our staging.

We also enjoy making presentations on Camera History to schools, clubs, community groups, etc. We bring a selection of cameras and have a great PowerPoint presentation. Please contact Kevin.