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Staging Ideas  -  Basic Treatments are Free*

We personally coordinate staging, photography, and the virtual tour for all of our listings.   

  • We have everything that you need to sell your house quickly and for top dollar.

  • All the basic staging that you need to sell a home is provided free of charge. 

  • Our photographers set the stage and lighting for each photo. 

  • Each virtual tour is custom designed to lead-off with your home's strongest features, and typically includes a floor plan.

Effective staging encourages imagination and leads to a vision of what the home can be. Staging should be a gentle guide rather than a jarring effect. If buyers focus on the staging, they often miss the home. The goal is to achieve a quick sale for the highest price.

  • Effective staging fades into the background

  • It should accent but not dominate

  • The decor should suggest comfort, but not limit the Buyer's vision

  • There should be a natural feel and harmony with the space

  • Neutral styles should not conflict with the Buyer's sense of style

  • We work closely with you to understand your home's needs

We have a diverse inventory of furniture, carpets, lighting, plants, framed-art, and decor items available for our clients' staging needs.  The photos below demonstrate ways we have staged several vacant homes recently.

Kitchen: We have a variety of decor items to accent most kitchens. We want to add accents to light areas and brighten up dark areas. Typically bright items will draw the eye from a tired motif.

Master Bedroom: We have a variety of beds along with night stands, dressers, chests and tables. We use standard king, California king, or queen size beds in the master bedrooms depending on the size of the room. Most master bedrooms look best with a king; the California king is a bit narrower, but a touch longer.

Bathrooms: Staging should merely accent and compliment the attributes of a nice bathroom, or downplay the flaws in a challenging bathroom.

Dining Rooms and Eat-In Kitchens: We frequently use glass-top tables to make the room look larger. We have several table sizes from small to full-sized. Most but not all staging plans should include a dining table and accessories.

Living & Family Rooms: Typically less is more and there can be a tendency to overly define larger rooms. Ironically, though these rooms are prominent to the home tour, we recommend the least staging here. Most people can envision their furniture in the space, and over-staging usually backfires here.

In smaller bedrooms and guest rooms we use queen, double, or twin beds. We vary the theme among the rooms without overly defining the space. Along with furniture and bedding, we have a diverse collection of stuffed animals, dolls, toys, and other decor items to match the likely demographic target in your home.

We often display an office in one of the bedrooms, especially in homes with high bedroom counts, or where there area likely empty-nester or young-professional demographics.

*Some displays above include upgrades from the basic treatments. All bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and office furnishings are complimentary, as are lamps, end tables, wall tables etc. Large chairs and sofas are the only upgrades shown above. Several items were the use of the Seller's furniture, but for the most part items seen above are available for staging your home. Pricing varies by the rental cost of the items, but we only charge our cost for the rental.