Done Deal is a 1998 Catalina 380 Sailed on SF Bay

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V- Berth Vent

When we drilled a weep hole from the dead space under the front of the v-berth, water traveled through the water tank compartment and then through the dead space between the aft bulkhead of the water tank compartment and the bulkhead between the v-berth drawers, and on to the bilge, but a small amount was trapped.  Evaporated water tried to escape around the drawers and caused a chronic mold problem on the sides and front edges of the drawers.  As a side note, I destroyed the finish on the drawers by spraying too much Lysol on them.

The solution was to drill a 3" hole in the bulkhead and cover it with a little West Marine vent cover.  The mold is minimal this year.