Done Deal is a 1998 Catalina 380 Sailed on SF Bay

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Mainsheet Cleat - Changed to Cam Cleat


This seems like a minor modification, but on a practical basis it is a huge improvement over the standard clam cleat (what a POS).  To put the tensioned sheet in the cleat, while it is still attached to the winch, I just push down with my palms on the sheet just above and behind the cams.  When we re-tension the line with the winch, the line pops out of the cleat.  In an emergency the line can then be let-go from the winch with one movement, as opposed to releasing the line form the winch and opening a clutch.  If the line is held by the cam cleat, a quick upward tug release the sheet.

The inboard cam and base had to be shaved down a touch for the outboard mounting screw to hit "meat."  

Getting rid of the reefing lines left me two clutches open.  But, I'm not sure that I like the mainsheets in clutches, in case we need to let out the main quickly.  But I have put a bright red line on the traveler so that I can tell my novice crewmembers to "pull up on the red rope" if I need to spill some wind quickly.

As a compromise I have one side of the mainsheet in the cam cleat, and the other in a clutch.


Installation by Mason Yacht Services, Richmond CA  (510) 714-2071 - Nick Mason