Done Deal is a 1998 Catalina 380 Sailed on SF Bay

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The line runs along the toe rail to a clutch mounted to the toe rail at a slight angle and then to an articulating block mounted on the next stanchion which allows the line to be directed at any winch or position in the cockpit.  You can see some of my prior experiments with cam cleats.  The cam cleat next to the winch works well for securing the jib sheet in light winds -- faster than the winch.  The other one worked very well for securing the furling line, but didn't allow for reefing with a winch, now it is redundant to the clutch

In addition, we had a foam luff added to our jib, which gives the furled jib a much more consistent shape.  In the SF Bay summer winds we are frequently reducing our 110% jib by about 10%.  So far the sail shape seems much better with the foam luff.

Installation by Mason Yacht Services, Richmond CA  (510) 714-2071 - Nick Mason