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2000 Watt Inverter - 100 amp Charger - With Echo Charger

AC Power Inverter with High Surge Capability, 3-Stage Charger

With filtered modified sine wave output, Freedom Marine inverter/chargers run virtually anything on your boat, from office equipment to household appliances and electronics. Temperature controlled multistage charging ensures that your batteries are recharged safely and efficiently. Its integrated transfer switch allows for automatic change-over between shorepower and inverter.

For inverter/charger control and basic system monitoring, use the Freedom Basic Remote. For advanced battery monitoring and remote control, Freedom Marine inverter/chargers can be paired with optional Link instrumentation.

Product Features

Freedom Marine 20 Specifications

  Electrical Specifications - Inverter
  Output power (continuous)   2000 W
  Surge power (AC amps)   50 A
  Output frequency regulation   50 or 60 Hz, quartz regulated
  Inverter voltage regulation   120 V +/-5% true RMS
  Output wave form   Modified sine wave
  Efficiency (full load)   85%
  Peak efficiency   93%
  No load current draw (idle mode)   0.12 A
  AC transfer switch   30 A
  Electrical Specifications - Charger
  Charge rate   100 A DC
  AC input voltage range   90 − 130 VAC
  Battery voltage (nominal)   12 VDC
  Battery voltage range   10.0 − 15.5 VDC
  Low battery cut-out   10.0 VDC
  AC input (max. charge mode)   21 A AC
  Bulk charge voltage   14.4 VDC
  Float charge voltage   13.5 VDC 
  Equalize charge voltage   16.3 VDC
  Battery charge outputs   2
  Charge control   3-stage
  Battery type settings   Wet/Gel 1/Gel 2/AGM
  Equalization   Yes
  Temperature sensitive charging   Yes
  General Specifications
  Optimal operating temp. range   32F − 104F (0C − 40C)
*derated below 0C and above 40C
  Optional remotes   Freedom Basic Remote or Link instrumentation
  Dimensions (H x W x L)   7.9 x 11.5 x 13.2 (201 x 292 x 335 mm)
  Weight   45 lb (20 kg)
  Warranty   30 months
  Part numbers   81-2011-12
  84-2056-01 (Freedom Basic Remote)
  84-2019-02 (Link 1000)
  84-2000-06 (Link 2000)

Installation by Mason Yacht Services, Richmond CA  (510) 714-2071 - Nick Mason