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Beverage Storage Rack - 28 Bottles or Cans

This is a beverage storage rack to replace upper fridge shelf, made of clear PVC material from TAP Plastics.  Note that I beveled the ends of the uprights about 4 degrees so I can rotate the rack into position in the fridge.  Prior to assembly I cut 1/8th inch wide slots in the base where the uprights attach to strengthen the glue joints.  I cut the shallow slots with a table saw, and then drilled the holes along the slot before attaching the uprights.  Since this shelf is deeper than the original, I drilled the holes to make-up for the reduced open circulation area, with the rack full the holes are not covered by the containers..


Although it is designed to fit 28 cans or bottles within the rack, we packed another 22 bottles inverted between the uprights.  It works!


Obviously we ate all the food.