"VIXEN" Catalina 380  #379  2003

Shown below are some modifications to Vixen as performed by the owners,  courtesy of Robert Taylor and Kathy Rutledge, Kemah, TX.  rtaylor@smith.com.  Many of the projects improve their live-aboard enjoyment of this boat, but many of us will appreciate their great ideas even on weekends.

Please click on the thumbnail-photos below for more detail on the projects.

Aft Cabin Underseat Storage

Adds several extra cubic feet of storage space.

Galley Carpet

Indoor outdoor carpet covers the rubberized floor.  The tightly cut pattern holds it in place.

Griddle Fiddle

Holds a griddle under the stove

Head Vanity Door

Provides access to the back of the vanity for storage.  There is a shelf behind the door.

Nav. Station Door

Door swings toward bow; provides secure enclosure for a computer system.

Sink Boards

Covers the sinks and provides additional counter space.


Built-in speaker boxes.

Stove Board

Covers the burners and provides additional counter space.

Table Tray

Tray mounted to mast support travels up and down on a track.  With the table down, this tray is great for in bed snacks, drinks, or remote controls.

V Berth Locker

Additional storage with a fold down door.

Wine Storage

Holds about 25 bottles in a chilled environment.

Floating Deck with Extra Dock Boxes

This allows additional living space and much need storage for the live aboard life.

Companionway Threshold

This protects the gelcoat from the high volume of traffic of the live-aboard life.

If you have some modifications to your boat that you would like me to post, please email the photos to me along with a description of the project and information on your boat.

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