Done Deal is a 1998 Catalina 380 Sailed on SF Bay

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System 2100 features with a robust bearing package for low friction, low maintenance furling for larger cruising boats. The 126 tough Torlon™ bearings ride in specially shaped round races for maximum contact area, and require no lubrication.

System Length: 49' 3" (15m) provided system length

Extrusions:  6' (2m) round, twin groove accepts #6 (3/16", 5mm) luff tape

Bearings: 3/8" (9.5mm) Torlon™ (63 in triple race upper swivel, 63 in triple race drum.

Drum Design: Open/split 3 1/2" (89mm) dia.

Line Capacity: 70' (21.4m) 5/16" (8mm), 50' (15.2m) 7/16" (12mm)

Bearing Design: Open For Life
Schaefer's Torlon™ bearings cannot corrode and ride in open, easily accessible races that don't require lubrication. These proven, high compression strength bearings provide low friction, and need only periodic flushing with water.

Headstay Adjustment:
Schaefer Systems utilize the Catalina headstay and turnbuckle giving full turnbuckle adjustability, and optimum performance.

The heavy-duty base toggle/link articulates to absorb side loads that might otherwise cause turnbuckle fatigue. The turnbuckle is attached to the base toggle/link and is housed by the system, easily accessible.

Drum Design: Open, Metal
The large diameter drum provides the mechanical advantage high sailing loads. Standard split drum plates allow for easy conversion to a full length headsail.

The stainless cage is open to give easy access to the furling line.

Schaefer's CNC machined metal construction resists ultraviolet rays and abuse from anchor chains and poles mounted near the stemhead fitting.